Hi From Israel!

Welcome to Jerusalem! I’m currently staying in the Capital Hostel near Zion Square. It’s really convenient, with loud techno music in the Jerusalem Underground club downstairs, and an Internet Cafe only a couple of minutes walk away. I’ve mostly just been wandering around so far, yesterday I went exploring the Old City, which is very Middle-Eastern and unusual.

I’m used to old cities, the city where I was born is nearly a thousand years old itself. But Jerusalem is celebrating its three-thousandth birthday this year, which puts it in another league entirely. While most of it is a lot like ‘America in the Middle East’, the older parts are very picturesque. There’s a lot of night-life, little of which closes before 2 am, but the beer is expensive, around $4 per pint!

The night before last I was dancing for five hours in the club, and it took a while to recover! It’s not a bad place, but gets so crowded at 2 am that it’s very hard to dance without bumping into people. Last night I discovered the local Internet Cafe and caught up on email, then finished off an article I’m writing for an Australian music magazine. Today I went to the Israel Museum, which is very impressive. Unfortunately, although I spent most of the afternoon in there I only got about half-way through the Jewish history/culture/art section. Now I’m going to have to go back tomorrow to finish it off. I also have to meet up with a guy who’s trying to get one of the local newspapers onto the Web, and wants to discuss what exactly he could do.

I’m back home on the sixteenth of February, then probably heading off for several months of travel early in April. I just need to pick up the last of my gear and sort out a plane ticket. I may even come back here for a few weeks to start the trip off.

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