Final stretch

Coming into the final stretch for Nanowrimo, Tunnelers is now just over 40,000 words with six days to go. I was about a day behind on Tuesday so I’ve managed to catch up and get a little ahead.

I’ll need to do a ton of rewriting after it’s finished, but I think a lot of the basics are there. It’s not going to be ready for Christmas though.

I think I’m going to get to work on revising Petrina and leave Tunnelers to gestate for a couple of months before I go back and sort it out.

A Modest Proposal

I’ve been reading about windmills killing birds and bats. Surely there’s a simple solution to this?

In keeping with similar government programs, governments could issue dispensations allowing a certain number of birds and bats to be killed each year, and over time reduce that number until all windmills were slaughter-free. Companies could then trade those dispensations so that the most murderous windmills cost more money. Perhaps someone like Al Gore could set up a market to do so.

We could call it, I don’t know, Cap and Slay?

Final Contact

Final Contact CoverI finally collected enough rejections on Final Contact and it’s now available on Smashwords. It should be up on Amazon soon.

I wrote this story years ago and it’s always been one of my favorites. I’ve submitted it to a few magazines over the years but it’s never sold, so I thought it was about time to self-publish and see where it goes. It pretty much sums up my opinions on alien life, which will become more clear when I start writing more SF stories.

I think I’m going to expand it into a novella at some point because there’s a lot going on which would probably work better if dramatised rather than recounted.


Phew, after getting two days behind 4300 words brings me back up to date and a couple of hundred words ahead. Let’s see if I can hit 20,000 words tonight (probably not, but worth a try).

Edit: Only managed about 19,200, but that was over 5,000 words in one day so not doing too bad.


My pre-Nano interview is up at:

Blog Party for Edward M. Grant

Tunnelers is a few hundred words behind schedule, but I have the long weekend to catch up and move ahead; perhaps it’s apt that I’m writing a WWI novel on Rememberance Day. It’s an interesting experience, I’m basing it on another old unfinished screenplay and finding a ton of problems with that version as I go along; not least the fact that most of the middle is missing. I’m using Nano to rough out a first draft, then I’m going to break that down to an outline, fix that up and rewrite it.