I hate Windows again

So, I boot into Windows for the first time in a couple of weeks. When I boot into Linux the wireless LAN is connected before I even log in, whereas Windows waits, so I’m forced to sit there wasting my time waiting for the LAN to connect when it could already have done so while I was logging in.

But that’s not the worst problem. I sit there for two minutes as the wireless LAN icon spins around, I check the icon and the popup says I’m connecting to ‘unknown network’ while the other popup says I’m connected to my network. I try Firefox, but it can’t get a connection.

Disconnect, connect, wait another couple of minutes. Nope. Select troubleshooting and waste another couple of minutes while it faffs around and tells me it can’t connect. Reboot. Nope. Complete power down, battery out. Nope. Try disconnect and reconnect again and it says ‘Connecting to the network is taking longer than normal’.

Well, wow. I figured that out.

What annoys me is not just that it’s completely failing to connect, but the way Microsoft phrase the excuse: ‘Connecting is taking longer than usual’. Not ‘I’m taking longer than usual to connect’, but trying to blame the problem on anything but Windows.

Finally after fifteen minutes of faffing it does connect. The only reason I need the LAN is to copy some files from my file server to install Fusion on this system and… now it tells me my password is incorrect.

So I reboot into Linux and copy it over on a USB stick.

I really have no idea how anyone can do real world on such a lousy excuse for an operating system.

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