Why Age of Conan sucks, part 2

A few weeks back the Age of Conan people sent me an email offering extra goodies if I resubscribed for three months. I’d been waiting until I’d have some time to actually make use of those three months as there wasn’t any point resubscribing if I didn’t log on, and today I logged in and selected that offer and… it won’t let me pay for it.

Spent ten minutes talking to a customer service person and it appears that the only way I can get the special offer is by paying another $15 for a subscription for the time I didn’t play. Money that would simply be thrown away, in other words.

So they’ve achieved two things:

1. Annoyed a customer. If they hadn’t sent me the email I’d never have known about it and never cared. But by sending it to me, letting me select it when I logged in and then refusing to let me have it, they’ve annoyed me enough that I will probably never resubscribe again.

2. Lost $35 for the sake of that extra $15. Instead of getting the $35, they’ll get nothing.

Good game, shame about the administration.


One thought on “Why Age of Conan sucks, part 2

  1. I can only agree. The customer service is garbage really. Stupid automatic replies or stupid answers from GM’s which has nothing to do with helping you solving a problem. No wonder why this game is so dead. Its a great game really but the customer service is the worse i ever seen before.

    never going to resub again. Lost one more customer as always. Server will remain dead only a few people online anyway.



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