I thought I might as well add some of my old posts from my travels in the 90s to this blog; they were on my long-lost web site at that time and have sat unread on my laptop for years. Since I’m retaining the old dates as I convert them over to this format, you’ll find them all in the travel category. Note that I’ve only made minor edits to the most egregious flaws, so they aren’t as well written as they might be today.

At the time I took just over six months off work, bought a round the world plane ticket and travelled wherever it would take me that sounded interesting. Along the way I visited various people I knew from the Internet, which was an interesting way to see the local culture. I took along a laptop running Slackware Linux and a Hi-8 video camera, though at times I wished I’d left the extra weight behind.

For email I sometimes had Internet access through the people I was visiting, but most of the time I was composing it on my laptop, copying the messages to a floppy disk and then uploading them to my server which would forward the messages to the appropriate people. I could also email these travel updates to the server and have it automatically format them into HTML and add them to the web site, while forwarding them to a mailing list of friends.

Back in those days this was a lot more complex and a lot more high-tech than writing a blog from your cell phone in Tahiti is today. Some of the original images were lost years ago and the versions I uploaded were typically 320 pixels at most due to the low bandwidth links of that era, so I can’t replace them. I will upload the images I have in high resolution form.

I’ll try to add two or three posts a week until it’s done, but there are a lot of them and they need reformatting so it will take some time.

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