Guild Wars 2 Betas Done

So the Guild Wars 2 open Betas are done and good fun was had by most.

Hungry and ready for action

I thought it was going to finish at 2am Saskatchewan time so I would miss the end event, but I forgot the DST changes and it ended at 1am instead. The final hour was a server-wide event called Hunger Royale, which I presume is a homage to the ‘Hunger Games’ books that I’ve never read. Players in each zone were split into two teams, given a rifle with a small amount of ammunition (10 rounds?), a hunger that caused perpetual loss of health and a limited amount of food to regenerate that health, then left to try to survive for about half an hour. Ammunition stations and respawning food caches around the map provided some supplies, otherwise you had to kill other players and steal their stuff; for the first few minutes death resulted in respawning as a player, after that you respawned as a ‘helper bot’ which could drop ammunition and provide a brief shield against bullets.

We started with about sixty players per team and we were down to nine when I died with about ten minutes to go. The team won by adopting the rather sensible policy of hiding near a food cache in the last few minutes of the game, and letting the remaining players of the other teams die. A few minutes later the server disconnected and that was that. I’ve played in a few game Betas before, including the original Guild Wars, but this was the first time I felt sad about a game going away when it hasn’t even been released yet.

A few pictures are attached; I hope the outfit is available in-game, even if the rifle won’t be. This is my Elementalist character, who has some history behind her.

Time to go

I presume Glint is an Arenanet developer, based on the name and the icon.

Ready for action in 3D
Helper Bot in 3D

Back in 2001 a computer magazine gave away a free copy of Everquest as a cover CD. After I’d subscribed for a while I started a Mage, and picked a Dark Elf because they were the best-looking and faction for an agnostic Dark Elf enabled them to travel to most parts of the game world without being immediately killed. I already had a male Dark Elf Necromancer, and the life of an Everquest Mage mostly consists of looking after your pet, summoning beer, nuking the heck out of naughty monsters when they hit 50% health or running around screaming like a little girl with a big monster chasing you if you nuke it before 50% health*, so I decided a female Dark Elf would suit the class better.

The random name generator came up with a name was already taken, but add one more letter and it worked OK. I haven’t played Everquest in years, but I played that character for a long time and she was the only one who I played through their whole Epic quest sequence, so I’ve continued to use the same name for Mage/Elementalist characters in other games ever since.

More on the actual game tomorrow.

* – the life of an Everquest Necromancer, of course, mostly consists of running around cackling with glee as a big monster chases you while your pet stabs it in the back. Except when snare breaks and then you do scream like a little girl.

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