The rewrite is coming along well; I’ve removed the parts that need to go (much of which will eventually return in the sequel), added 5,000 words to fill in the gaps that left, and made a pass through the whole story. I need to add some more words early on and do another copy-edit pass, but hopefully the new version will be out by next weekend. I’m trying to make it the same length as the original so I don’t need to revise the paperback cover, but I don’t think I have ten pages to add to bring it back to that size.

I’ve also been reading another horror/thriller movie script that I wrote back in 2007. It has its flaws — it’s a feature-length script I wrote in about two weeks — but I think the story is one of the best I’ve ever written. I’ll have to think about converting it to a novel soon.

Edit: rewrite is done, just need to proofread and copy-edit.

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