Guild Wars 2 Bag Space

One issue in most MMOGs is the lack of storage space. The game expects you to collect dozens of different objects, but gives you only a couple of dozen slots in your bags so you’re continually having to run back to a town to sell junk or put it in the bank.

Guild Wars 2 has the ‘sell junk’ button which saves time, but you still have to get to a merchant. What I hadn’t realised is that the inventory window has a ‘deposit collectibles’ option on the tools menu, which will automatically deposit any collectible items (ore, wood, plants, etc) in the bank from anywhere in the game. So after you’ve been running around for an hour and gathering all the resources you passed, you can send them straight to your bank from anywhere in the game and then access them from any crafting location.

Just another thing they’ve got right.


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