Guild Wars 2 Stress Test

I logged into today’s four-hour stress test for a couple of hours; one thing I wanted to try was setting all the graphics to maximum on my laptop. I was unsurprised to discover that it was unplayable in that configuration, but by turning off supersampling and leaving all other settings on their highest level it was still quite playable; it was obviously chugging some, but not enough that I couldn’t play the game.

For the record, the stats for the laptop are:

  • Intel i5 2.27 GHz (not sure which model)
  • Nvidia GT330M graphics with 1GB Video RAM
  • 6GB RAM
  • Windows 7 x64 Home Premium
  • Video resolution 1366×768

For the released game I suspect I’ll be turning one or two settings down from maximum (e.g shadows, which don’t seem to make much difference) and keeping the rest high.

Lion’s Arch

And in stereoscopic 3D:

Lion’s Arch 3D

QR Codes

Something worth considering for print books are QR codes on the cover to provide easy access to the book’s web page on a mobile phone or tablet. Ubuntu has ‘qrencode’ which takes a URL and generates a .png file of the relevant image, Windows must have something similar.

For example:

qrencode -o emg.png -s 6

Tartarus QR code

I’m going add them to the new Createspace cover and see how well they work. At 300dpi they may need to be a bit larger to be easily readable, but the web consensus seems to be not to go much smaller than half an inch, and these would be about 0.75″.