Asus Transformer TF300 firmware update

Another update appeared today, but there are no obvious changes; it’s certainly not the 4.2 I’ve been waiting for (mostly for the multi-user changes, which are the biggest omission from older versions). The odd thing is that I told it to check for updates and it said there weren’t any, then two minutes later told me it had downloaded an update…

4 thoughts on “Asus Transformer TF300 firmware update

  1. Mine did the same thing – saying there was no update and then a few minutes later saying an update had been downloaded and was ready to be installed.


  2. I checked for updates earlier yesterday Mar 4 and shortly after receiving notice there none available, I received the update pushed to my ASUS TF3xx. However, immediately after the sound stopped working when connecting my hdmi cable to the TV. It was fully functional before so it is not the cable nor the TV! What’s up?????


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