The Joy Of Windows

I’ve been playing Oblivion lately. As those who’ve played it probably know, it crashes a lot, particularly if you install mods that use a lot of RAM.

That, in itself, is due to the crappy Windows memory handling when running 32-bit apps on a 64-bit OS, where every single DLL an executable loads has to be flagged as supporting high addresses before the app can use more than 2GB of RAM. But that’s not the point here.

Whenever Oblivion crashes, Windows puts up a dialog box telling me it’s crashed — which I already know, since, you know, it’s crashed — and asking if I want to let it crash or check online for reasons why it might have crashed.

Of course it doesn’t set the keyboard focus to the dialog box, and I was just playing a game, so most of the screen is black and the mouse cursor is hidden. Which means I can either randomly wiggle the mouse around until it finally hits the dialog box, or I can use ALT+TAB to cycle through windows until I get to the right one and use the keyboard to kill it.

So for the sake of the minute number of people who’ve ever asked Windows to figure out why the game has crashed, the rest of us have to go through this crap every time it does. Which is the very last time Windows should be bugging me with useless dialog boxes; I’m already annoyed that the game has crashed, all I want to do is restart it, and they’re wasting my time with crap I don’t want.

What a horrible excuse for an operating system.


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