I love it when a plan comes together.

I’m twelve thousand words into the first prequel to Petrina. Originally the two were to be a single novel, but I quickly realised I had two different stories in the same book and had to split them out; hence two prequels instead of one.

One of the difficult things I find in writing is getting half-way through a scene and realising that it’s pointless and boring. You need something to go in the story there, but the scene you’re writing has no reason to exist other than filler. Do you throw it out? Do you rewrite it? Do you need to change the next scene so you don’t need to fill the gap?

The good part comes when you suddenly realize not only what’s missing from that scene, but that the element you’re adding is actually going to fill in some plot holes later where you couldn’t justify a character’s actions. Suddenly it all comes together and you can race through five thousand words to the next roadblock.

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