Fade To Grey

I was hoping to get the new story out this week, but it’s nearing novella size and by the time I’ve finished the final chapter and copy-edited the story it won’t be ready in time to make free this weekend. So looks like it will be out next week instead.

The One That Went Away

Astronaut gone fishing
New, Improved Cover

The One That Got Away is going to temporarily disappear soon. I’ve wanted to revamp it for some time, and I’m going to delete the old version and release another that’s about a thousand words longer, with a new cover and other improvements.

There’ll also be a Createspace version, which the existing story was just too short to justify.

In addition, I plan to rationalise my pen names, and move their books over to this name. I originally tried to split story types by different names, but they’ve ended up similar enough that I see little point to keeping them separate and lots of benefits to bringing them back together.

Fade To Grey

Spider bot and derelict city

Got a first pass at a cover for the next short in The Future universe, now I just need to finish the story. It’s been rolling around on my hard drive (ok, SSD) for the best part of a year, so hopefully this will be an incentive to get it done.

Currently just over 7,000 words and probably another 5,000 to go.

Edit: now 8,000 words.

This actually came about because of a 90% off deal on credits at depositphotos.com. 100 pictures for $99, and a further 10% discount if you use a WPEXPLORER coupon. So about $0.90 per image instead of the usual price.

Depositphotos deal

The link is still valid for a couple of days, so get it while you can.

Google probably has your wi-fi password

What is it with these companies? Android apparently has a feature that will gleefully ‘back up’ your passwords to Google’s servers, which is precisely where I don’t want them:

Google knows nearly every Wi-Fi password in the world

Fortunately, being paranoid about security, I’d already turned off that ‘helpful’ feature. But most others probably have it on and have no idea what they’re handing to Google.

I’m sick of this crap. Clearly we can no longer trust any technology company, particularly those in America. Android devices should never be allowed to connect to anything other than known insecure networks.

Wisdom Teeth Part 3

The sutures fell out while I was brushing my teeth this morning, and, while my jaw still feels a bit odd, the remaining pain has pretty much gone. I have a suspicion they wrapped the end around the remaining two molars on that side to hold it in place, and having the suture in the gap between them seems to have been irritating the gum. That’s the only place I’ve seen blood come from after the initial extraction dried up.

The remaining problems are exhaustion, probably from not getting enough sleep due to the crazy dreams, and a desperate desire to eat something more solid than soup, yoghurt, scrambled egg and pasta. I want to give the gums at least another day or two to heal up before I risk that.

Wisdom teeth part 2

Still healing, the only problem I’ve noticed so far is a piece of the dissolving sutures trapped between two of my other teeth.

But I’ve been loaded up on ibuprofen prescribed by the dental surgeon, and having crazy and vivid dreams; from a web search, that doesn’t seem like an uncommon side effect, though it’s not listed in the official ones. If only I could remember them in detail, and write them down…

Fortunately I’m off it now, so hopefully I’ll get some uninterrupted sleep tonight.

Houdini hit 2

Houdini and Cake
Houdini made 2

Houdini the hamster reached two years old; none of the others we’ve had ever quite made it to that age, but so far he still seems to be going strong.

And no, we only let him lick the cake, not eat it :). He’s probably at least half-way to being diabetic just from being a two year old hamster.

He’s definitely more sleepy than he was a year ago, but he’s still running around the house in his ball and running in his wheel at night when we put him back. He’s also learned to knock the webcam off his cage if we put it there to spy on him.

Wisdom Teeth

So, I had to have one of my wisdom teeth removed, about twenty years later than most people do. Growing up in the UK with socialised medicine, about the only thing the NHS dentists wanted to do was fill or pull a decaying tooth, and preventative dentistry was way too expensive for them. Hence I still have all four, and one had grown partially out of the gum, where it was just itching to get infected.

The actual experience of tooth extraction with IV sedation was pretty easy. I remember them asking me how I was feeling, the answer to which was ‘a bit dopey, I presume I’m meant to be feeling that way’, then it was done and they were asking me to move to another room to recover. At that time I’m sure I still remembered some of the other things that had gone on, but they’d vanished into the memory hole before I left the surgery.

So far, the worst pain was when they pulled off the tape holding the IV line in place. Hopefully that will continue, but I gather that dry socket or infection pain mostly shows up after 48 hours or so.

Retarded spammers

I keep getting posts from spammers who are too stupid to even configure their auto-spam software policy. Things like this:

{I have|I’ve} been {surfing|browsing} online more
than {three|3|2|4} hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.

It’s clearly supposed to pick random words to produce something with slight variations that still looks vaguely like a post a human might make, but their message generator is broken.