Explorers vs Asshats

There are two kinds of people in the world: explorers and asshats. History is a long story of asshats trying to take over what explorers have found and created.

Here’s how it goes.

First we have a society where explorers and asshats live side-by-side. The asshats impose more and more stupid rules on the society, until the explorers get fed up, and leave.

The explorers… explore. Find a new place to live. Build a new society free of asshats. And they’re happy for a little while.

But, sooner or later, the asshats notice there’s a thriving new society out there. And they start to move in. One or two at first, then more and more as the news spreads.

And then the asshattery begins. More and more rules that wreck the society the explorers build, until it’s the same mess they left.

So they leave again, and the cycle repeats.

But that only continues until we run out of new spaces to explore. Which is exactly where we are today. The explorers are surrounded by asshats, with no way to escape.

We should have been living on the Moon and Mars by now, but instead the asshats demanded an ever-growing welfare state that has sucked up trillions of dollars and achieved little but to create an ever-growing welfare underclass. So the cycle is stuck, until we get a global war or we do manage to get a significant number of people off the planet.

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