Logan’s Run TV Show

Why does the solar-powered car in the Logan’s Run TV show… have headlights?

That’s the kind of question I’ve found myself thinking as I watch the DVD set. Yes, you could explain it away, perhaps they’d be turned on in bad weather (but then you wouldn’t be going far on solar power), and it does run a short distance in the dark in one episode, but it also stopped immediately in the first episode when the sun was blocked.

I’m almost at the end of the DVD set now, and, frankly, it’s just not very good. It’s a straightforward cheap SF show of its era with a ‘post-apocalyptic society of the week’ format.

In the original movie, the City of Domes was pretty much it, and only a handful of people survived outside. In the TV show the country is plastered with groups whose technology is comparable to theirs, yet they’ve apparently been living for centuries in isolation like that.

As a kid, I found it entertaining, but as an adult, it’s pretty silly. It also skips over all the interesting aspects, like the way Logan presumably killed dozens or hundreds of runners in his time, yet now he’s suddenly a good guy. I don’t remember any ‘but it’s my first day on the job’ excuses in the show, and I find his personality unbelievable as a result. The movie Logan wasn’t.

There were some good episodes, like the time traveller from Sanctuary (despite the ancient tape drives on the future computers), the girl in the bunker and the frozen people in the crypt, but most are pretty forgettable. I’ve also found the repeated use of Star Trek sound effects a bit distracting.

Overall, it’s a cheap show, and decidedly forgettable.