De-Aging Cells

More interesting research:

It seems that when you roll cells back to stem cells, they first roll back to an earlier age, and then to stem cells. So if we can control the process, we can roll the body back to a younger age without converting the cells to stem cells which can then create cancers.

This could be one of the biggest technologies in reversing ageing.

A Cure for Cancer?

Using bacteriophages to kill cancer cells. I don’t know much about this tech, but it makes sense to me.

Note that the web page appears to be loaded with ads that make my browser suck up 100% of a CPU core. But if it puts an end to cancer, I’ll live with that.

Eliminating Defective Mitochondria

Here’s an interesting one:

It seems that an excess of PUM2 protein in cells causes a reduction of mitophagy, which eliminates defective mitochondria from cells. This then causes a lack of energy in old age which contributes to many of the problems of ageing. Removing that protein in old animals helps rejuvenate and extend lifespan.