Creating eggs from blood cells

Some years ago, researchers showed that they could take mouse cells, turn them into eggs, then create baby mice from those eggs.

Now they’ve finally produced human eggs from human blood cells.


Reversing ageing

I forgot to post this when I first saw it, but it’s a very interesting video on what might be the root cause of ageing, and some info on progress at the sharp end of longevity research.

Wisdom Teeth Part 3

The sutures fell out while I was brushing my teeth this morning, and, while my jaw still feels a bit odd, the remaining pain has pretty much gone. I have a suspicion they wrapped the end around the remaining two molars on that side to hold it in place, and having the suture in the gap between them seems to have been irritating the gum. That’s the only place I’ve seen blood come from after the initial extraction dried up.

The remaining problems are exhaustion, probably from not getting enough sleep due to the crazy dreams, and a desperate desire to eat something more solid than soup, yoghurt, scrambled egg and pasta. I want to give the gums at least another day or two to heal up before I risk that.

Wisdom teeth part 2

Still healing, the only problem I’ve noticed so far is a piece of the dissolving sutures trapped between two of my other teeth.

But I’ve been loaded up on ibuprofen prescribed by the dental surgeon, and having crazy and vivid dreams; from a web search, that doesn’t seem like an uncommon side effect, though it’s not listed in the official ones. If only I could remember them in detail, and write them down…

Fortunately I’m off it now, so hopefully I’ll get some uninterrupted sleep tonight.

Wisdom Teeth

So, I had to have one of my wisdom teeth removed, about twenty years later than most people do. Growing up in the UK with socialised medicine, about the only thing the NHS dentists wanted to do was fill or pull a decaying tooth, and preventative dentistry was way too expensive for them. Hence I still have all four, and one had grown partially out of the gum, where it was just itching to get infected.

The actual experience of tooth extraction with IV sedation was pretty easy. I remember them asking me how I was feeling, the answer to which was ‘a bit dopey, I presume I’m meant to be feeling that way’, then it was done and they were asking me to move to another room to recover. At that time I’m sure I still remembered some of the other things that had gone on, but they’d vanished into the memory hole before I left the surgery.

So far, the worst pain was when they pulled off the tape holding the IV line in place. Hopefully that will continue, but I gather that dry socket or infection pain mostly shows up after 48 hours or so.