Author Rank

Last I looked, I was ranked around 1,600 for SF authors on Amazon and peaked around 1,250 in the last month. That’s pretty scary given the number of books I sell there and the number of SF authors in the world; I wonder where I’d be if I sold twice as many books?

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Author Rank for 2012

Smiling Is Contagious

Finally got another short story finished; it was intended to be a hard SF zombie story for a print anthology, but ended up more of a Victorian-era zombie mystery.

It fits quite well with a script I began writing some years ago and gave up on after about a dozen pages. So whatever happens with it I think I’m going rewrite that as a Victorian hard SF zombie horror novel and see how it works out.


Finally finished the game after stopping several years ago; I got stuck on the final level and last night I happened to start it up to test it on my new PC and figured out what I’d missed.

Certainly one of the more interesting games of the last few years, but I found the difficulty varied wildly with the first fifteen or so levels being quite easy and then suddenly became much harder.

I’ll probably have to buy Portal 2 in the Steam Christmas sale.